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What's Unique?

Portrait Likeness, Perspective, Form, Mesmerizing Colors and 3D Layering - 
Personalized with Julian's DynaTessellations TM

The foundation of Julian's artistic journey is in photo realism. Inspired by Chuck Close, he was interested to explore the color harmonies available in pixelated images.  Looking to broaden his scope and deliver softer finishes he chose to push into new territory.  Pixels, for computer science and practical reasons, whether on computers or in Close's work, have been derived from square formats.  Julian has always been intrigued by the precision and geometric aesthetic that ancient civilizations used to decorate floors and walls in palaces and temples. Craftsmen of enormous skill designed complex shapes that provide coverage without gaps or overlaps. MC Escher also created mesmerizing and shape-shifting effects with "tessellations". Experimenting with tessellations and "DynaTessellations", he has found 3D and layering illusions most compelling.  To his delight he was able to achieve more form, depth and a softer finish without losing the likeness, pointillist color harmonies or exciting treatment of shadows. We hope you agree.

Most artists put their creations at risk.  What's most challenging for Julian, is that for each tessellation design, to avoid flaws in the pattern, or flaws in the likeness, every mark must be precise and paradoxically unique in color, value and form.

What's a DynaTessellation?

Like other tessellations, these complex shapes interlock without gaps or overlap. What's new about Julian Bourne's DynaTessellations TM is that, by hand and eye, he adapts the pattern, orientation and scale to the subject to create the illusion of perspective and 3D layering, with mesmerizing color effects.

DynaTessellations personalized for you?

Inquire about unique bespoke DynaTessellations.  In this example, Julian created a unique tessellation that matched the family crest on a signet ring.  A prancing pegasus with no gaps or overlaps.

Or pick a favorite from Julian Bourne's library of DynaTessellations

DynaTessellations deliver Likeness

DynaTessellations mould form with mesmerizing colors

DynaTessellations creates unique layering effects

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