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Julian Bourne's art and philosophy

"Beautiful and arresting contemporary portraits"
Julie and Kevin Callaghan

Picasso and Giacometti realized that to paint a life-like portrait was impossible. The more you struggle to make it life-like the less like real-life it becomes.


The aim of Julian Bourne's contemporary portraits is to heighten the illusionary quality by resolving up to 2,000 abstract paintings into an effect that is closer to life.  The blending of colors adds luminescence and depth, while the illusion explores the etherial emotions and character of the human form.  The enigma of the unknowable is amplified, as is the beauty.  We hope you agree.

"There is very much more to your portrait of Churchill than Julian's skill in pointillism.  In particular, he has captured the burning fire in his eyes and the force of his character even clearer than the original photograph. Also, the aging of his 67-year-old complexion is better revealed here than in the photograph (of which I have a Karsh hand-signed print).  Indeed the strength of your portrait brings to mind the brilliant painting by Graham Sutherland which the joint Houses of Parliament presented to Churchill for his 80th Birthday in 1954." 


Nick Boothby, Moderator of Winston Churchill group on Facebook.

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