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British / American Artist

Julian Bourne, born in London, living near Boston MA, is not your typical artist.  


Julian's Art Philosophy

The aim of Julian's contemporary portraits is to heighten the illusionary quality by resolving up to 2,000 abstract paintings into an effect that is closer to life.  The blending of colors adds luminescence and depth, while the illusion explores the ethereal emotions and character of the human form. The impact is an enduring enigma of the unknowable. 

For over 2,000 years mosaic portraits, and more recent pointillism techniques, have been constructed around rectangular marks, with flat brushes, or square pixels.  Julian's most recent work explores more challenging tessellations. 

Every tessellation design and each individual mark must be handled with painstaking precision to avoid flaws in the pattern or the likeness.

Is this neo-pointillism or neo-pixelation?

Other high impact art

Although his expressive and  experimental portraiture is gaining recognition, there’s another form of art which has a far broader impact.  A daily experience for millions of consumers the world over, his patented and technology is licensed by the world's leading tech companies and embedded in nearly every smart phone.  One such invention powers billions of traffic notifications.  Think of Julian next time your phone sends a traffic notification and tells you it is “time to leave” he was the inventor.


When he’s not developing exciting new technologies, he is pushing pointillist portraiture styles to new levels of meaning and abstraction.

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