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A Commissioned Portrait is About Teamwork

"We have found the process to be thoughtful, personal, collaborative and really interesting. We love the outcomes, hoping to have these personality-capturing paintings forever in the family.”
Julie and Kevin Callaghan (2021)

Step 1:  Capture the photo that tells the story

As no one has time to sit for hundreds of hours, Julian paints with the aid of reference photos

Interviews with clients and subjects culminate in a photoshoot to find the photo that tells the story we want, in the optimum lighting conditions.

Step 2:  Client confirms likeness, tessellation and palette

Controls in the process ensure the team moves forward together to create the desired outcome.  The client reviews the work at the the first painting stage to confirm likeness.  Typically the client will choose palette and background from samples.  

Step 3:  Post abstract layer review, final review and approval

The Story


In this portrait, the subject is a breathtakingly beautiful young woman, physically youthful but emotionally mature for her years.  Her eyes are engaged with the viewer, she is confident and composed.   Her neutral expression is on the edge of a smile.  As such she is captivating, the viewer wants to please her, to draw out a smile.  She may or she may not, we watch on her terms.  

Client approves and signs off final portrait

"Julian Bourne is a portrait artist who does not merely capture faces. He vividly captures character. His process is painstakingly thorough -- the mark of an artist relentlessly devoted to excellence."  Daniel Pedersen (2019)

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